5 Key Performance Indicators for Greater Financial Success

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5 Key Performance Indicators for Greater Financial Success

Over the past five years, SPI Research has seen the professional services market grow at an annual rate of over 10%. This growth is especially true in midsized organizations – with employees between 30 and 300. However, all is not smooth sailing in these midsized organizations. Research shows competitive pressures from above and below, challenging… Read more »

2018 Sales Tax Changes

2018 promises to be a big year in the world of sales and use tax. Many states will continue to aggressively push economic nexus laws, impose consumers’ use tax reporting requirements (which may very well end tax free shopping for good!), and start taxing third-party sales. While we can’t predict the future, we can highlight… Read more »

What Mobile Wallets Will Mean for Businesses

Mobile payment technology is finally gaining traction, thanks to high-profile successes such as Apple Pay and My Starbucks Rewards that have demonstrated its utility as well as profitability. Given their promising future, mobile payments present a fascinating opportunity for retail, but the more practical questions of business impact and implementation remain unanswered. Download this whitepaper… Read more »

Business Intelligence and Preventing Customer Churn

Data mining has been a hot topic for years, but most analysts tend to focus on manipulation of data as an object – i.e. how businesses can keep their data updated, view it in real time, or organize their data. And yet, 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies will fail to exploit big data for competitive… Read more »

Five Tips for Choosing the Best Accounting Software

Many businesses start out recording financial data in spreadsheets and using an adding machine to balance their budget. While this is a necessary phase, business owners will soon be confronted by the reality that they can’t do ti all on their own. Download this whitepaper to learn clear logic for different aspects of the software… Read more »

The IPO and Beyond: The Keys to an Enduring Financial Foundation

Discover the keys to IPO readiness and post-IPO lessons learned. Download this whitepaper from Sage Intacct to help you prepare for pre- and post-IPO readiness:  Streamlined financial processes Robust internal controls Skilled financial staff And best-in-class business systems Download now!

Accounts Payable Automation for ERP Systems

Challenges within traditional accounts payable (AP) departments are nothing new. However, as companies feel the impact of high processing costs and manual inefficiencies on their bottom lines, the need for an automated workflow solution to complement ERP applications is critical. This eBook addresses common AP challenges and proposes a solution: leveraging an end-to-end automation solution… Read more »

How to Turn Your Accounts Payable Department Into an Innovating Profit Center

In response to the daily challenges you face this whitepaper explores how AP Automation solutions are a practical and pragmatic approach to cutting AP costs, boosting efficiency and reactivity, and speeding up processing time. You will also explore the performance indicators of the “top performers” in accounting, take away some simple and accessible best practices… Read more »